Weight Gain Grid

How to Plot Your Weight on the Prenatal Weight Gain Grid

  1. Use the BMI calculator to determine your weight gain category and which grid line you should follow (red, green or yellow).
  2. Start by entering your weight before pregnancy (pregravid weight) on the zero pounds line.
  3. The line across the bottom of the grid is the weeks of pregnancy. The number of pounds gained is found on each side of the grid.
  4. From the pregravid (zero pounds) line, count the squares above or below to mark your pounds gained or lost so far. Each square is one pound.


Ellen weighed 130 pounds before pregnancy. By 24 weeks, she weighed 144 pounds. She had gained 14 pounds.

REMEMBER!!! The colored lines represent the minimum amount of weight gain recommended.

For tips on how to gain enough weight, or if you are gaining too quickly, refer to the Nutrition Information & Material section.

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Last update: December 2, 2005
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