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Tips For Healthy Eating

5 Choose foods low in fat
5 Eat fruits and vegetables every day
5 Drink 8 glasses of water every day
5 Cut back on sweets and soft drinks
5 Choose low-fat dairy products

* Lose weight gradually after you have your baby
* Talk to your doctor about getting to a weight that is healthy for you
* Choose moderate activities that are unlikely to injure you, such as walking, aqua aerobics, swimming, yoga, or using a stationary bike
* Stop exercising if when you start to feel tired, and never exercise until you are exhausted or overheated
* Drink plenty of water
* Stop exercising if you feel dizzy, short of breath, pain in your back, swelling, numbness, sick to your stomach, or if your heart is beating too fast or at an uneven rate


Healthy Baby Is Worth The Weight
A Healthy Baby is Worth the Weight: A video for expecting mothers

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